I AM AMERI KA KA KA, murage, 2018
 UNI-REVERSIBLE_NeWsPaPeR, multimedia installation, 2017
 CAT GOT MA TONGUE, found objects, paint, paper, 2018
 Surrogate Surface !!, found tin foil, wood, chicken wire, radio tuned to local spanish music station, acrylic painting of finger on trigger made to look like a penis, pvc pipe, yarn, sculptural painting, 2015
 Suzy Homemaker, frenchbread, dustbuster, plunger, mirror, foundwood, string, sex toy, piercing borrowed from sister’s ear, grandma’s lace, borrowed mirror
 Regular Suzy Homemaker, installation, Swanson Contemporary 2015
 Regular Suzy Homemaker, Detail, 2015
 Surrogate Surface, Interactive glade air-freshener sculpture, multi-media paintings, Land of Tomorrow, 2010
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